The emphasis on personal health extends a lot further than physical well-being.  It has stretched and multiplied to become the concept of wellness that takes in the whole person; expanding into spheres of mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, social and environment health.

People enjoy a perception that optimism and happiness should dominate our every day but reality tells us that this is not true; that simply acting optimistic and remaining positive is not sufficient to hold difficulty at bay, nor find the peak performance and contribution that we wish to make in life. In fact, by 2030, depression and poor mental health are expected to be the single cause of disability in the world.


I offer individual and group coaching to increase understanding and develop skills that will enable participants to build resilience and courage to face challenges and discover ways that will create a preferred future – to make big things happen in your life.


  • E^ Flexibility (Emotional Flexibility)
    • Emotional Intelligence Strategies for High Achievers.  Topics include:
      • Resilience
      • Negative Emotions
      • Dealing with Disappointment
      • Anger and Frustration
      • Shame…
  • S^ Flexibility (Social Flexibility)
    • Social Intelligence Strategies for High Achievers.  Topics include:
      • Empathy
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Managing Expectations…
  • SP^ Flexibility (Spiritual Flexibility)
    • Spiritual Intelligence Strategies for High Achievers.  Topics include:
      • Spirituality and Culture
      • Mindful Living
      • Finding Meaning and Purpose…